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This seminar will be dedicated to exploring conflicts and transformation processes. After an introductory session outlining theories and perceptions of conflict, students will participate in a global conflict simulation in which each will play one of the parties to investigate and unpack that conflict and develop possible transformations. In-class exercises will be debriefed, and the students will ultimately be able to identify innovative ways to transform rivalry situations into peaceful co-existence with differences. Through discussion and live simulation exercises, students will gain a deeper understanding of the complexity of global, long-running conflict situations. From border disputes to deep-rooted identity based conflicts, they will get an insider perspective and the opportunity to systemically analyze and understand the processes and dynamics that lead to escalations and alienations. The students will become familiar with the principal factors that divide parties, points of contention, and the use of technology to influence international opinion. In the seminar, students will be presented with different resolution strategies, from settlements to dialogue and reconciliations, and become able to identify and skillfully design possible transformations for different conflict situations.


Anat Hornung Ziff

Anat Ziff, M.A. is an international organizational studies professor and management consultant who has improved the effectiveness of students, managers and executive teams in the public and private sector on four continents. She has taught at universities in the U.S., Italy, Venezuela, and Colombia, founded two non-profit organizations, and is a Partner Consultant in the Barcelona-based management-consulting firm INNOVA.

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Students will be able to identify and analyze the predominant factors in conflict processes/behaviors. Students will become familiar with the convoluted processes of dialogue between groups in deep-rooted conflict. Students will have the opportunity to identify and design innovative strategies leading to conflict transformation.


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10-oct. 17-oct. 24-oct. 7-nov. 14-nov. 21-nov.

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