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Who am I? How can I become more who I truly am? How can I grow in consciousness? Are there any “templates” that can help us navigate through life? We all want to achieve fulfilment in our lives, but we usually get lost along the way due to the pressures of everyday life. This seminar will deal with practical ways in which we can expand our consciousness and fulfil our potential in everyday life, without the need of doing anything extravagant or having to travel to far away lands. We will start by questioning who we are, our self-identity, and looking for the main constituents of our world. Then we will wonder how different paradigm shifts may affect the way we understand the so-called “reality”. Afterwards, we will go through the theories of the evolution of consciousness and the so-called Hero’s Journey, which we will use as a template for our professional life. We will do a couple of simple assignments to learn how to apply them to our own specific lives. Knowing how to apply them to one’s life will enable us to fulfil our potential by becoming who we truly are. The way we will go through those theories will be very interactive, and with plenty of short videos, music clips, paintings and other graphic material to help ease the learning process. In other words, despite the subject of the seminar may seem a bit dry, we will do it in an entertaining way.



Francisco Mata has a very interdisciplinary background and varied work experiences. He has a PhD (2008) in Urban Planning from the London School of Economics (LSE), where he had previously obtained his masters degree as well as his first teaching experiences. He also worked in the Department of Philosophy at Yale University where he advanced his research on phenomenology. His research focuses on the ways consciousness interacts with the stimuli coming from the external “reality”, and how we can interpret them in our everyday lives in order to encourage fulfilling experiences.

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1. Students will be able to understand the constituents of one’s identity and how different paradigm shifts may affect their world. 2. Students will be acquainted with the predictive power of the Hero’s Journey; hence being able to anticipate whatever it is that may be affecting their lives in the near future. 3. Students will also be acquainted with the basics of the evolution of consciousness and how it can be encouraged in everyday life.



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29-oct. 5-nov. 12-nov.

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