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Mindfulness has become very well-known in recent years - it is taught in companies such as Google and Apple, in universities, in psychology, and even in professional sports. Studies show that mindfulness improves leadership skills, stress management, creativity, interpersonal relationships, emotional intelligence and leads to greater peace of mind and well-being. In this seminar you will learn what mindfulness is and how to put it into practice in your own life



Darran Kilbride has trained extensively in world recognized mindfulness centers in the United States and Asia and has trained as a mindfulness teacher with the University of Massachusetts - the center where modern mindfulness courses first began. He has almost a decade of management and leadership experience in organizations and has been teaching mindfulness classes in Madrid since 2011. He also has a degree in physics and a postgraduate qualification in mindfulness from the Center for Mindfulness Research and Practice at Bangor University in the UK.

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1. Students will learn how to start their own mindfulness meditation practice. Studies show that most people who intentionally train their minds in this way report that over time it leads to greater focus and concentration, improved emotional resilience and deeper peace and well-being. 2. Students will learn how to bring more mindfulness to their daily lives and will try this out for themselves during the course. 3. Students will learn how to apply mindfulness both during pleasant experiences as well as during more challenging experiences so that over time they can develop greater resilience even in the midst of difficulties.



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8-oct. 15-oct. 22-oct. 29-oct. 5-nov. 12-nov.

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