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Advanced Seminars

What are they?

Short courses aimed to complement student's academic profile. They are optional, but highly recommended, as they constitute a great way of building the academic CV.

How much work?

Each seminar comprises 6 sessions. Attendance of at least 70% is required; the first session is mandatory.

Who can join?

The seminars are open to all students interested in deepening in some topic related to their program or exploring new areas of knowledge.

The rules

  • Enroll in a maximum of 2 seminars per semester.

  • Each Seminar will count for 1 ECTS credit, offered at no extra cost.

IEU Labs

What are they?

Fully-tutored working spaces where students develop professional projects and work closely with companies and institutions. An excellent opportunity for students who want a hands-on experience, to acquire interdisciplinary knowledge and professional skills.

How much work?

IEU Labs require your commitment to work hard and enjoy a full hands-on internship-like experience on campus.

  • Second semester: Work during 5 continuous months (workload: 4 to 6 hours per week).

  • Intensive period: After final exams until the end of June (workload: 4 to 6 hours per day).

Who can join?

All students from any program are welcome to apply to any IEU Lab, although they are specially aimed to 1st and 2nd year students.

The rules

  • Enroll in a maximum of 1 LAB each year.

  • Each LAB will count for 3 ECTS credit, offered at no extra cost.

Language Center

How much work?

  • Students must take the 2 parts (1st & 2nd semester) of any language course to complete the level/s required. Each semester has 24 sessions.

  • Minimum attendance of at least 70% is required.

The rules

  • Enroll in no more than two language courses per year.

  • If a student fails the first semester of a language course, he/she will have the opportunity to retake (and pass) the extraordinary evaluation exam in January and thus continue with part two of the course as registered.

  • Each annual language course will count for 6 ECTS (3+3) credits.

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